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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to attend MyWP?

If you are planning for a pregnancy in the near future or are pregnant, this is the time to do MyWP. You may be in any month/week of pregnancy.

Is it compulsory for husbands to attend?

MyWP is couple program. To get the maximum benefits during pregnancy, the would-be-father should attend.

I am not able to conceive. Will this program help?

The experts being doctors, yes. Dr.Manisha is a practicing gynaecologist. She gives personal guidance on any specific issues when needed. Certain mind and body techniques help to allay anxiety and fear and achieve better health before pregnancy.

I stay in Dubai. Can I attend?

Yes. As all the sessions are conducted online, anyone from anywhere in the world can attend. You need a stable internet connection and a laptop.

My husband is constantly travelling. How can he attend?

He can log in from another device. The MyWP team will guide him further.

Can my mother attend?

This program is for would-be-parents. She can attend along with you both after intimating the team before hand.

I am pregnant for the second time. Do I need the guidance of this program.

If you have done MyWP in the 1st pregnancy, you can apply all that you have gained before in the classes in this pregnancy. If not, it is a great time to learn. Remember, every pregnancy and every baby is different.

Is this same as ISP?

ISP is a parenting program. MyWP is a pregnancy program. Basic difference. The spiritual base of both the programs is the same that is Siddha Samadhi Yog. The contents, topics are entirely different.

Who are the teachers?

Dr.Manisha Joshi(Gynaecologist) Dr.Abhijit Joshi(Anaesthesiologist) Shri Sameer Naik(SSY &ISP teacher) To know more kindly go to the "Expert" section of this website.

Latest news

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  • MyWP Free Orientation Session22-MAY-2021
    To know about MyWP Program in detail,follow the link: The experts and teachers of the program conduct this session to make couples understand the content of the program. It is an interactive session where questions and doubts are welcome.
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© 2013 | All rights reserved.